Snow Moon Arabians

Snow Moon Arabians

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Located in the foothills of the White Mountains of New Hampshire Snow Moon Farm produces one or two quality Al Khamsa foals a year.  Also called Desert Bred or asil, our horses descend entirely from Bedouin Arabian horses bred by the nomadic horse-breeding tribes of the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula.  Known for sound bodies and minds these Arabians are wonderfully athletic, versatile and kind.  Our breeding program combines the blood of two extremely important importations from the 1930’s, those of W. R. Brown and Henry Babson.

From the Brown importation one of the most important sires in the history of the Arabian breed was produced, Hallany Mistanny.  A stallion whose siring power consistently passed on his fine traits;  strong, powerful hindquarters, bodies of deep girth, good long hips, wide through the chest, fine flat bone and heads of classic Egyptian type.  In addition, he consistently produced fine and willing temperaments.  Our four foundation mares are of this blood, bred by El Hallany Arabians, they carry remarkably high percentages of Hallany Mistanny blood and continue to pass on his legacy.

From the Babson importation came such greats as *Fadl, Fa-Serr and Fay-El-Dine all of whom figure greatly in our Herd Sire’s pedigree.  Along with beauty and hardiness, the gentleness of Babson Arabians is legendary.  Our stallion, bred by Sunnyrhu Arabians is a true ambassador of the Babson type.

While the Brown and Babson importations were very separate endeavors they were very much related as the horses were all from the famed Prince Mohamed Ali’s Manial Stud in Egypt. Our breeding program combines straight Babson Egyptian lines, Sa'ud breeding through the mares *Turfa and *Nufoud, the Ayerza mare *Aire and more of the Prince Mohamed Aly Tewfik horses: *Nasr, *Zarife, *Roda, and *Hamida.

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